Winter Symphony  | Oil |  NFS

Winter Symphony | Oil | NFS

Artist Statement

I paint for the love of painting!

I have been painting for over 25 years. My early work was in watercolor but in recent years the mediums of pastel and oil have become a passion for me. The intensity of the jewel-like colors of pastel inspire my imagination, and the richness of palette knife and color-mixing in oils is compelling and joyful.

Inherent in all my work is the goal of portraying the mood and sense of place that captures my imagination. With my abstract paintings, I find excitement in integrating my love of antique structures or landscapes with vibrant color and abstracted shapes.

I do acknowledge that traveling to foreign countries, experimentation with new techniques, or even just a certain light upon a scene can inspire my paintings. However, my real motivation to paint is the joy in the process rather than the product - in truth, a deeply felt hunger from within.

Emerging  | Oil |  $480

Emerging | Oil | $480